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Threads of Life services are needed more than ever

The holiday season can be a really hard time for families affected by workplace tragedy – dealing with occupational disease, coping with a serious injury, supporting an injured family member, or missing an absent loved one.

It’s a perfect time of year to remember and support grieving families by making a donation to Threads of Life. More than 2,700 family members currently accessing our support services, and unfortunately, we know that more will need support through the coming year.

Here are a few ways you could show your concern and help build a network of hope:

  • Give a lasting gift – Does your friend or family member really need more “stuff” this holiday season? Why not give a gift to Threads of Life in lieu of that book or pair of socks? We’ll send a card to let them know you’ve donated.
  • Recognize your employees – Has your business had a good year? What better way to show your appreciation to your staff than a donation to Threads of Life on their behalf?
  • Mark a milestone – A gift to Threads of Life is a great way to mark an injury-free milestone or new safety program. We can assist with a card, letter or certificate to profile your commitment.
  • Just show you care – If you’re reading this post, you likely realize the value of the programs Threads of Life offers for families. Help us reach out to even more families. Donate just because you care.

It’s easy to make your contribution. Just head over to donate using Threads of Life’s secure online form, or call us at 1-888-567-9490 to make a credit card donation by phone.

Once you’ve made your donation, email us your message of support for Threads of Life families, or post it in the comments below, and we will send it out through Facebook and Twitter!

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