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Resources for Family Members

The following resources are available for download.

Brochure outlining Family Support programs and services:

“For Families” series of resource booklets:


Courtesy of Alberta Employment and Immigration, Alberta Justice and the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta

For Families: Survivors
For Families: Seriously Injured Workers
Alberta For Families-Occupational Disease

British Columbia

Courtesy of WorkSafe BC

Your road to recovery: A guide for seriously injured workers (external link)

Resources for Employers / Safety Professionals

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not is a one-of-a-kind book of true Canadian stories of workplace tragedy from the families’ perspective.

Read and share the stories behind the statistics:

Workplace tragedy: Employer communication and crisis response

When the worst happens, an employer’s response can either help, or hinder a family’s emotional healing. This Threads of Life report is an excellent resource for communication and emergency planning.

Threads of Life’s Annual Reports serve to provide an overview of financial information and program highlights from each fiscal year.