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We know, we know: sponsoring a local event is a smart business move. It’s a business expense which pays off in brand recognition, reputation and staff morale.  But we also know that good business sense is not the main motivation when companies sponsor our Steps for Life – Walking for Families of Workplace Tragedy.

Steps for Life has hundreds (HUNDREDS!) of community and national sponsors each year. They get involved with the walk because they are committed to health and safety, and driven to help families affected by work-related fatalities, life-altering injuries and occupational disease.

Threads of Life couldn’t do its work without our Steps for Life sponsors. To our past sponsors, and our future sponsors, thank you! Here’s the difference you’ve made with your sponsorship:

  1. Community Champions ($2,000 sponsorship) – Printed one issue of our quarterly newsletter Threads, distributed to family members, supporters, government and corporate partners. Threads offers family members a chance to share their story and learn about grief and healing, and about Threads of Life programs and events.
  2. Community Leaders ($1,500 sponsorship) – Allowed one family member to travel to attend training for the Threads of Life speakers bureau. Threads of Life speakers deliver a powerful message about health and safety at conferences, safety meetings and schools – because they know all too well the consequences when something goes wrong at work.
  3. Community Supporters ($1,000 sponsorship) – Provided meals and accommodations for two family members to attend a family forum. Threads of Life family forums are where people affected by workplace tragedies gather to heal and to discover they’re not alone.
  4. Community Advocate ($500 sponsorship) – Rented a venue and provided materials for one community peer support group. Peer groups are safe spaces where those grieving a work-related tragedy can connect with others and learn to live with their loss.
  5. Stepping Forward ($250 sponsorship) – Covered the cost of one month’s phone bills so that Threads of Life staff can respond when families reach out for help. 

Steps for Life sponsors make a lot of good things happen!

If you’d like to become a Steps for Life sponsor, it couldn’t be easier:

  • Visit to learn more about the event and the host communities.
  • Determine the community and/or communities across the country you would like to support, and review the sponsorship package – finding the level of support that matches your company’s outreach plan and budget. At any dollar level, your company’s support is a commitment to workplace health and safety.
  • And lastly, sign up officially by completing and returning (with payment and/or in-kind) the Sponsorship Commitment Form.

Be part of the healing! Your smart business decision can bring hope to families affected by workplace tragedy.

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