Speaker Profiles: Atlantic Canada & Quebec

Since 2005, Threads of Life has raised awareness of the importance of injury prevention to more than 68,000 people.

Below are some of our speakers who currently reside in Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. Each chooses to share their personal story and to talk about the aftermath and reality of workplace tragedy – long after the headlines are gone. Not all speakers are listed. Please call to discuss your event and the best match available.

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Below are just a few of our more than our 50 speakers…

Allyson Audit headshotAllyson Audit – Sister (NS)

Allyson’s big brother Jonathan was working in Alberta as an oil tester when he died due to exposure to toxic gases. He was 21 years old, and was Allyson’s best friend and mentor.

Kathy Betts – Daughter (NS)

Kathy Betts never knew her father, Frederick, who died working in a coal mine at 29. He was survived by his widow (27 years old) and four young children, including Kathy.

Kevin Bonnis – Living with a life-altering injury, Regional Development Coordinator – Atlantic Canada and Quebec (PEI)

Kevin is a survivor of a traumatic life-altering injury on a scrap paper printing bail machine which resulted in 90% amputation of both feet. Although considered risky at the time because of the low success rate, Kevin’s feet were successfully re-attached. He can now walk and is testimony to what sheer determination can achieve.

Marilyn D'Entremont headshotMarilyn D’Entremont – Spouse (NS)

Marilyn D’Entremont lost her husband Lewis on Sept 23, 2004 to a fisheries fatality. He was working in purse seining when he was caught in the cables, thrown overboard and drowned. He was 49.

Vicki Dickson – Spouse (NS)

Vicki’s husband Kevin had worked for the same contractor for 25 years. An excavator was being used to load a large steel plate onto his work truck. When the plate collided with a metal post, Kevin, the driver of the truck, was struck in the head by the post and killed instantly. Their 25 years of life together and all their plans for a happy retirement were gone in an instant.

Nevin_4935[1]Nevin Di Julio – Living with a life-altering injury (PEI)

Nevin worked for a company that produced frozen French fries. During a routine oil change of the fryer, he was opening the valves to allow the oil to be pumped into the holding tanks. The oil encountered water in the system causing the oil to overflow out of the filter above him. Burning hot oil poured down on him causing second and third degree burns to 45 per cent of Nevin’s body.

DDonna Green headshotonna Green – Living with a life-altering injury (NS)

Donna always wanted to be a nurse and practiced many years in the profession until she suffered from a debilitating back injury. She is no longer able to work. Donna speaks about the emotional and psychological toll of an injury.

Estella Hickey headshotEstella Hickey – Mom (NS)

Estella’s younger son, Kyle, was working in auto body shop when there was an explosion. A barrel of solvents had not been grounded properly and Kyle died of his injuries the next day. He was 22.

KarenPitts2Karen Lapierre Pitts – Sister (NS)

Karen’s brother, Jamie Lapierre (21), died when he suffocated in the hold of a barge. The air had not been tested and he unknowingly entered an airtight confined space that had no oxygen.

Joe Legge – Living with a life-altering injury (NS)

Joe sustained severe burns in an explosion at the Sydney Steel Plant on August 25, 1977. Immediately airlifted to the Victoria General Burn Unit in Halifax, Joe survived, and bravely faced his recovery.

Larry and Cheryl Mackay – Living with a life-altering injury (NS)

Larry was a saw-filer in a saw mill. He sustained life-altering injuries when a saw tooth cut through his right hand. He talks about the long-term and misunderstood impacts of an injury. Larry’s wife Cheryl is also a Threads of Life speaker, telling his story from her perspective.

Wally_IMG_4941[1]Wally Power – Living with a life-altering injury (NS)

Wally was working in a pulp mill as a young man, when his arm became entangled in a log peeling machine which had been switched on by another worker while Wally was changing blades. His arm was amputated above the elbow. Wally had to find new ways to do everything from putting on his socks to changing the transmission in his car. He became an accomplished wood worker, but has since had to give up that hobby, concerned about his own safety working alone in his workshop. Wally has a great sense of humour, but takes his safety message very seriously.

Pauraymond-paulettelette Raymond – Sister (NS)

Paulette Raymond’s brother Tommy, a foreman, had worked at the same container pier in Bedford, NS, since he was 15 years old. On his way to lock up the containers from the ships one evening, Tommy fell and was pulled under the wheels of a tractor-trailer. Paulette reveals the devastating effects of his death on her family.

Charmaine_4897[1]Chairmaine Salter – Daughter (NS)

Charmaine’s father Ron worked his entire career as an electrician. He was a family man and musician, playing guitar and singing with several groups. Ron was diagnosed with mesothelioma caused by exposure to asbestos, and died less than a year later.

Annette Travis – Daughter (NS)

Annette’s dad, Keith “Mickey” Myles, a retired brick layer, took a job “just to keep busy”. He fell from the scaffolding he was working on and died shortly after from a head injury he sustained in the four-metre fall. If only the safety bar had been installed, he would still be alive today.

Arlene Vogler for webArlene Vogler – Mom (NS)

Arlene’s son Jonathan (21) had moved to Grande Prairie Alberta to work in the oil patch. He died on the job when he descended into a well to remove some bolt heads. The vessel atmosphere was untested and he died from suffocation due to lack of oxygen from hydrocarbon gases

Geraldine Wheeler headshotGeraldine Wheeler – Mom (NL)

Geraldine’s son Greg (27), an ironworker, was on the sixth day of his job working on a man-lift with his partner on the construction of a processing plant at a diamond mine. Without warning, the man-lift they were on started to sway and toppled backwards, sending them to the rocks below.

…and others from across Canada

Many of our speakers are able to travel to other regions for an event. Contact us at speakersbureau@threadsoflife.ca and we will match your event with the right speaker. Speaker profiles are also available for our volunteers in Western and Central Canada.

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