Book a Speaker

How the Program Works: Making a Donation

Members of the Speakers Bureau are volunteers. They have been trained to deliver an impactful presentation about their personal experience with workplace tragedy. They all deliver a strong call to action regarding injury prevention. All of them are volunteers and dedicate their time to sharing their personal story to audiences in workplaces, at conferences and schools. They do not receive payment, but they volunteer their time on the understanding that a donation will be made
to Threads of Life.

Although we sometimes receive requests for multiple speaker events in a day, we usually only recommend a speaker present once as it can be emotionally draining.

Speaker Expenses

When booking a speaker, it is the responsibility of the company/organization to cover the travel expenses of the speaker to attend your event and return home. We try to match speakers to you that live close by. Expenses can include travel by car ($.45/km) or plane; food (maximum of $50/day) and hotel accommodations if required. Expenses would be discussed and agreed to before confirming a speaker.

For more information about booking one of our speakers for your event please:

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