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The Unplugged Vacation

Camping is a great way to make yourself "unplug" while on vacation.  Many of us would have to think hard to remember the last time we travelled without a cell phone. Some of you may never recall travelling without a cell phone. Today, not only do we have phones in our...

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Six lessons from an old dog

He came to us when he was six months old. He needed a farm home because as a mostly border collie, he was steadily shredding the downtown city home where he lived. Now he’s 14, and it’s hard to remember a time pre-Riley. In the past few months we’ve been forced to...

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Putting grief on hold

The following post is an excerpt from an interview Threads of Life member Maryanne Pope did with Rebecca Orr. Rebecca’s husband, Lance, was working as a rigger on a construction site, and was killed on the job while Rebecca was expecting their daughter, Caitlin....

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Miss you, Dad

Remembering relationships cut short by workplace tragedy The connection between a father and daughter can be a very special one. The connection evolves and matures through the years, but even when she is a fully independent adult, somehow a daughter is still “Daddy’s...

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Part of a very extended family

On March 10th, 2008 we lost our son Jeffrey in a workplace accident. For the next couple of years I was existing in a very dark world. I felt lost and so full of guilt. One evening while watching the evening news something caught my attention. It was the news brief...

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Let Evening Come

In her blog Heart Poems, counselling therapist Jan Falls shares poems that have touched her deeply. She writes “A gift is meant to be shared, given away to the larger world. These [poems] are gifts I have received that I want to pass on to you. Sometimes doors open...

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