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Part of a very extended family

On March 10th, 2008 we lost our son Jeffrey in a workplace accident. For the next couple of years I was existing in a very dark world. I felt lost and so full of guilt. One evening while watching the evening news something caught my attention. It was the news brief...

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Let Evening Come

In her blog Heart Poems, counselling therapist Jan Falls shares poems that have touched her deeply. She writes “A gift is meant to be shared, given away to the larger world. These [poems] are gifts I have received that I want to pass on to you. Sometimes doors open...

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It’s Never Me

Three today but that’s not me No need to worry, it’s never me They should do more, can’t they see Even I know that and it’s never me If it’s going to stop it will be by we It can’t just be them; this includes me Be the change we hope to see Even I know that; I’m part...

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And the Day Comes

The Hickman family today I have been dreading this day for a few years. Very strange you may say. What makes this day, April 2, 2017, different from any other? This is the day that Tim will have been dead longer than he lived. Very strange, I even say to myself. It’s...

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Laugh out loud

Favourite movies with our staff’s giggle guarantee. You know what they say about laughter and medicine. It’s good to laugh – it feels good and offers all kinds of health benefits from improving short-term memory to preventing heart disease. Threads of Life staff are...

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Bruce and Wendy-Ellen Nittel

“On July 2, 2012, my husband, Bruce and I joined an exclusive group. I hope others don’t join this club as the cost of membership is too great” After their son Blaine died in a pump truck rollover, Wendy-Ellen and Bruce Nittel had a visit from Blaine’s employer, who...

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