“I realized that my family wasn’t on its own. I wasn’t on my own.”

Health and Safety: Faces Behind the Statistics, Nevin Di JulioNevin Di Julio is a go-to guy, but after a horrific workplace incident he suddenly went from caregiver to care recipient. While training as a fryer at a Nova Scotia potato processing plant, he sustained burns to 45% of his body.

The burns were just the beginning. “As life altering and devastating as the physical injuries are,” Nevin says as he looks back over his four-year recovery, “they are more easily attended to than the emotional effect an experience like this has on a person.”

Married with four kids and a grandson, Nevin quickly appreciated the support that only family can provide. Today, his family includes Threads of Life.

“At my first Family Forum, I realized that my family wasn’t on its own. I wasn’t on my own. Other people were feeling the things we were feeling. They were going through similar situations and dealing with the same situations we were.”

Now, as a Speakers Bureau member, Nevin has become a go-to guy for Threads of Life.

Read more about Nevin’s story on page 4 of the Fall 2015 newsletter.

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