Making Cents of Safety

We all know safety makes sense – did you know
it makes cents too?


Making cents of safety jar label“Making Cents of Safety” is a chance for Threads of Life members and supporters to make sense – and cents – of safety by contributing to a health and safety culture shift. Donations will support the Threads of Life vision of a world in which workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses are unacceptable. Just set up a change jar and fill it up with loonies, toonies, and other spare change.


How do I get started?

Well, find yourself one or more collections jars, then download, print, and affix a
Making Cents of Safety Label.


A few collection ideas:

  • Put a change jar in your safety office or on the shop floor and
    encourage people to contribute when they see someone working safely.
  • Take up a collection at your joint health and safety meeting.
  • Leave a jar in the lunchroom or on the front counter at work and
    explain that contributions will support programs such as the Regional
    Family Forums
    , Speakers Bureau, Volunteer Family Guides and the
    Threads quarterly newsletter.
  • Place a jar on your kitchen table and drop in a quarter when you say
    thanks for the meal.

How do I donate my collection?

That’s easy! Simply roll your change and deposit it into your bank account
and send Threads of Life a donation for the same amount.


Your donation will help Canadian families of workplace tragedy.
(CRA charity #87524 8908 RR0001).

For more information on how you can get involved in Making Cents of Safety,
contact us at or 1-888-567-9490.

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