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Our Mission, Vision and Values

The following statements ground us, guide us, and inspire us.

Our mission

Our mission is to help families heal through a community of support and to promote the elimination of life-altering workplace injuries, illnesses and deaths.

Our vision

Threads of Life will lead and inspire a culture shift as a result of which work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths are morally, socially and economically unacceptable.

Our values

Our family support charity believes in…

    • Caring: Caring helps and heals


    • Listening: Listening can ease pain and suffering


    • Sharing: Sharing our personal losses will lead to healing and preventing future devastating work-related losses


    • Respect: Personal experiences of loss and grief need to be honoured and respected


    • Health: Health and safety begin in our heads, hearts and hands, in everyday actions


    • Passion: Passionate individuals can change the world
Each worker and family member who has been affected by a workplace tragedy is a thread in the quilt of life. Each thread, by itself, cannot stand alone, but when woven together provides strength. Although we are individuals, we are also connected in the fabric of life.