Gentle and loving, always interested in what I do.
You’re always quick with the I love you’s.

You support everything that I would like to take part,
Driving me to hockey, swimming, never complaining whatever I start.

You do this even though your heart is
broken and always in pain,

You try your best to hide it from me,
but it’s truly in vain.

The day the angels came and took my big brother Dwight,
They took with them the life from your eyes and the light,

You continue to smile, but it’s a smile of disguise.
I can tell whenever I look in your eyes.

Today on Mother’s Day, Mom feel the warmth and love,
Feel Dwight sending you hugs and kisses from heaven above.

You’re a survivor, Mom, I know lots of people have said,
But I see you cry at night when you think I’m in bed.

I wish for Mother’s Day, I could bring
Dwight back to us for good,

But in my heart I know I can’t
I wish so much that I could.

I love you Mom forever, please take my hand,
I’m here beside you as we try to understand.

I know I can’t ease the burden that you bear.
I just want you to know, you are loved
so much and I’ll always care.

~ Kevin Peel, age 12


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