The Memorial Cross


The memorial cross stands tall and straight
high upon the rocky knoll
In the inscription on the center plaque
there’s a tragic story that is told.

How you and your union brother, Gerhard
lost your young lives that fateful night
As you did your jobs working the steel
at the Diavik Diamond Mines work site.

The cross, a symbol of brotherhood and respect
by fellow ironworkers it was made
A symbol to all who see it
of the ultimate price you paid

But we don’t need a cross to remind us
of what we lost that night
Our lives have changed forever
without you by our side.

Time is so long without you
though six years have come and gone
We miss you a little more every day
as we struggle to cope and be strong
Our minds always wander back to you
the son/brother we love so dear
We speak of you daily, we smile and we cry
In our hearts you will always be here.

~ Geraldine Wheeler, written in memory of her son Greg

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