Christmas Memories


Twenty-eight special Christmases
Festive seasons spent with you.
I have such precious memories
Of the things you’d say and do.

Your very first at four months old
Your eyes they shone with glee.
As you waved your arms and kicked your feet
When you saw the lights on the tree.

Throughout your childhood and teenage years
Your excitement and spirit grew.
In the wee morning you’d wake up Jason
Hours of sleep for me were few.

My most precious Christmas memories
Are of those we shared your last year.
You came home to spend some time with us
It seemed we didn’t have a care.

You and I shopped and decorated
We had such fun, in everything we’d do.
I was content, I had the world
Because I had Jason and I had you.

But now Christmas is so difficult
And time is hard to bear.
The lights and music make me sad
Because you’re no longer here.

I go on because I have to
But today all I’d like to do.
Is to be able to call and say, “luvs ya”
And hear you say, “luvs ya too”.

~ Love, Mom

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