Words are necessary to heal

This is a personal memories page dedicated to those we love who have been injured and killed through workplace tragedies. We encourage family members and friends to remember in poetry.
Your voice is free to speak out. Please send us your submission by email at shickman@threadsoflife.ca.

Christmas Memories
by Mom

The Memorial Cross
by Geraldine Wheeler, written in memory of her son Greg

by Kevin Peel, age 12

Lyrics to Beat The Path Down,
by Kathy Evans, a St. Catharines, Ontario, musician, who wrote this song in memory of her brother Mike, who was killed in a workplace accident in Toronto on September 11, 2000, at the age of 37.

by Laura Deyell, who lost her brother, John, to a workplace fatality

Lyrics to Do You Know My Name? (PDF),
by Sue McCubbin, whose son Ryan died in a workplace incident in March 2007 at the age of 20. Originally published in Work-Related Grief Support Newsletter, October 2012, Victoria, Australia www.cmn.unitingcare.org.au.

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