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Gone Fishing

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By Jim Sandford

Since the last Family Forum an idea has been forming from our men’s group session. It has become obvious that there are so many unsaid things that men keep inside, very important things. There have been many firsts since I became involved with Threads, this is another one. We would like men and boys to use this section of the newsletter as an outlet to express themselves anonymously or with a byline regarding the losses we have experienced.

I personally found the men’s group session to be a wonderful learning experience. It allowed me to discuss the things that I miss about Jim Jr. (my son) the most, the kind of things that might be regarded as silly or dumb to the women in our lives. Discussing things I would have traditionally kept locked away has helped me lessen the burden I was carrying. It has helped me to understand that one of the reasons young men are so quiet regarding tragedy is that they are trying to protect their parents or other siblings, so they keep it locked inside andsuffer needlessly.

“Gone Fishing” is for you to let those thoughts and feelings go, write a poem and share it, release some hidden pain by sharing it with us. I know that this feels like a very difficult thing to do but once you get started the personal rewards will be great. I hope to read some interesting material in the future, or field some questions if you have any; there are no guidelines or rules. Please feel free to share your anger, your sorrows and your joys: all of us will be richer for it. This is your space.

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