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Each edition of Threads features stories from the family’s perspective across a variety of workplace sectors, jurisdictions and nature of hazard and injury.

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Fall 2015

A sister’s perspective: 20-year-old became caught in conveyor belt
Worker’s Name: Jahryn Kozak
Fatality: Jahryn was working for a gravel crushing company, shoveling gravel underneath a conveyor when the hood of his sweatshirt was pulled into an unguarded pulley (AB)

Still asking the question ‘why?’: Family man battles back from serious burns
Worker’s Name: Nevin Di Julio
Life-altering injury: Nevin was severely burned during an oil changeover at the french fry manufacturing plant where he worked (PE)

Summer 2015

Dan’s story: Fall from ladder results in brain injury for loving father and spouse
Worker’s Name: Dan Pelletier
Fatality: Dan died of a brain injury after falling from a ladder through an uncovered window well (ON)

Keeping Stephen’s memory alive: Mom’s healing journey takes her to Australia and full circle
Worker’s Name: Stephen Evans
Fatality: Stephen died when the vehicle he was driving flipped. The investigation revealed that the vehicle had been improperly maintained and that the washers and nuts which held the left front wheel on the axle were unserviceable (Australia)

Spring 2015

A life’s journey cut short: Dream job ends in tragedy for “young spirit” Kyle Hickey
Worker’s Name: Kyle Hickey
Fatality: Kyle was badly burned in an explosion at the auto body shop where he worked. The cause of the explosion was an ungrounded barrel of solvent (NS)

My life since October 22, 2011: Letting the light back in after the death of a partner
Worker’s Name: Jim Dahmer
Occupational disease: Heather’s husband Jim died of pleural mesothelioma after a 7 year battle with the disease. He was exposed to asbestos as a plumber/steamfitter (ON)

Winter 2014

Electrician’s asbestos exposure leads to lung cancer: “Every day I can put my feet on the floor is a good day”
Worker’s Name: Ronald Garland
Occupational Disease: Ronald died from mesothelioma, which he developed from repeated exposure to asbestos in his career as an electrician (NS)

Family loses the rock in their lives: “Rico” Iannucci could have retired at any time but loved work too much
Worker’s Name: Ulderico “Rico” Iannucci
Fatality: Rico’s backhoe suddenly shifted into gear, shot backwards, and went down a 200-metre cliff (ON)

Fall 2014

Electrician’s asbestos exposure leads to lung cancer: “Every day I can put my feet on the floor is a good day”
Worker’s Name: Ronald Garland
Occupational Disease: Ronald died from mesothelioma, which he developed from repeated exposure to asbestos in his career as an electrician (NS)

Family loses the rock in their lives: “Rico” Iannucci could have retired at any time but loved work too much
Worker’s Name: Ulderico “Rico” Iannucci
Fatality: Rico’s backhoe suddenly shifted into gear, shot backwards, and went down a 200-metre cliff (ON)

Summer 2014

My life in three parts: Accomplished woodworker reflects on injury that changed his life
Worker’s Name: Wally Power
Fatality: Wally’s arm was amputated when a co-worker started the machine, while he was working to replace the blades on the machine used to strip bark from the logs prior to pulping (NS)

A gaping hole in the tapestry of family: Blaine Nittel was to have been the fourth generation on the ranch
Worker’s Name: Blaine Nittel
Fatality: Blaine was driving a pump truck, when it rolled into the ditch on Highway #61 between Etzikom and Orion, Alberta (AB)

Spring 2014

Young Newfoundlander found his calling in iron work: Family looks for answers after steel beam knocks crane to the ground
Worker’s Name: Kane Thorne
Fatality: Steel beam came down, hitting the basket and causing crane to topple to the ground, killing Kane instantly. (AB)

Remember it can happen to you: Injured worker loses son to workplace tragedy
Worker’s Name: Tyler Quarrell and Bob Quarrell
Fatality: Tyler was crushed by a slab of granite where he worked building and installing granite counter tops. (ON)
Life-altering injury: Bob suffered three fractured vertebrae in his lower spine when he was bounced up and down in a mine elevator that fell an equivalent of 170 feet. (ON)

Winter 2013

“Have a good week and I love you”: Marking ten years since John’s death at a Michigan worksite
Worker’s Name: John Deyell
Life-Altering Injury: Working for an Ontario based company, John was crushed when the conveyor system being unloaded on a Michigan worksite fell off the deck of the truck. (US)

Electrical contractor touched many people’s lives: Collapse of a hydro pole causes Bob Murray’s death after 28-year career
Worker’s Name: Bob Murray
Fatality: A hydro pole, which had rotted on the inside, broke off underground, bringing Bob, an electrical contractor, and his ladder down with it. (MB)

Fall 2013

Surviving with daily pain: Simple Tendinitis changed my life
Worker’s Name: Lisa Shirley
Life-Altering Injury: A young mother’s diagnosis of Simple Tendinitis quickly develops into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) – a chronic systemic disease characterized by severe pain, swelling, and changes in the skin (SK)

Follow Your Dreams – Evan’s Story: Evan Horkoff chose a career that would allow him to help people
Worker’s Name: Evan Horkoff
Fatality: An apprentice powerline technician dies from the injuries he sustained while working in Crow’s Nest Pass, AB, when the transmission pole he was harnessed to collapsed, taking him down the hill (AB)

Summer 2013

The guy everyone wanted to be around: Luke Penny dies in trench collapse
Worker’s Name: Luke Penny
Fatality: Young man working for basement water-proofing company killed in trenching collapse (ON)

Five minutes for the world to crumble: Blaine Drew: Wonderful man with a huge heart, killed in 18-foot fall
Worker’s Name: Blaine Drew
Fatality: While working with his brother to put up new rafters in a barn in Val Marie, SK, Blaine fell 18-ft. He died of crush injuries to his heart and lungs following the long ambulance trip from the remote area to Swift Current. Construction, fall, working in remote areas (SK)

Spring 2013

Missing him every day: Tommy Raymond’s family struggles after his death on a container pier
Worker’s Name: Tommy Raymond
Fatality: foreman falls under a tractor trailer and is killed when the driver starts up and pulls out without performing a circle check (NS)

Living after loss – A widow’s story: Master tradesman Robert Gormley leaves legacy of
joy and fierce determination

Worker’s Name: Robert Gormley
Occupational disease:  Master tradesman (welder) dies from mesothelioma
from exposure to asbestos (ON)

Winter 2012

In memory of Kent Cousineau 1975-2008: Family raises funds and awareness to honour firefighter’s memory
Worker’s Name: Kent Cousineau
Fatality: crew leader engulfed in flames during a training exercise (ON)

Finding a new respect for life:Injured worker Donna Green copes with life
after a debilitating injury
Worker’s Name: Donna Green
Life-altering injury: young mother is unable to return to work following severe back injury (NS)

Fall 2012

A Widow’s story: Pete Szabo, part of a road crew, was electrocuted on the job
Worker’s Name: Pete Szabo
Fatality: crew member exiting their vehicle is electrocuted when dump truck
comes in contact with overhead wire (ON)

All about Bob: Bob King, who lobbied hard for better safety, became
the company’s first fatality
Worker’s Name: Bob King
Fatality: worker is crushed between furnace hood and the extended lip of
a charger car delivering scrap metal to the furnaces (ON)

Summer 2012

The Young Man and the Sea: Lobster fishermen, the Blackburns, are remembered
Workers’ Names: Gerry and Gerald Blackburn
Fatalities: Father and son lobster fishermen drown (NS)

Afraid of Heights: A Painter Falls into the Detroit River from the Ambassador Bridge
Worker’s Name: Jamie Barker
Fatality: worker drowns when scaffolding collapses while working on bridge over Detroit River (ON)

Spring 2012:

A Forestry Logging Tragedy Claims the Life of Family Man Craig Payne
Worker’s Name: Craig Payne
Fatality: Worker dies in head on collision on dangerous logging road (BC)

Go West Young Man
Worker’s Name: Jonathan Audit
Fatality: Worker dies from suffocation during a well testing (AB)

Winter 2011

15 Year-Old Andrew James Love His Day Job
Worker’s Name: Andrew James
Fatality: worker buried under hot asphalt (MB)

The Legacy of Asbestos (guest article)
Worker’s Name: unknown
Fatality: a senior citizen mother dies from exposure to asbestos fibres left on her husband’s work clothes.

Fall 2011

A Pilot’s Dream Cut Short – A Young Widow’s Perspective
Worker’s Name: Robert Buchanan
Fatality: A bush pilot dies in BC (BC)

Coal Mining Was a Way of Life
Worker’s Name: Gordon Wadden
Occupational Disease: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (NS)

Summer 2011

Dad’s Choice that Day Cost Our Family Dearly
Worker’s Name: Stan Preece
Fatality: a father was hit with a backhoe while digging a cistern on the family farm (AB)

Safety Goes Both Ways: The Employer and Employee
Worker’s Name: Amber Hiuser
Life-altering Injury: a worker’s fingers were cut off while working on a CNC machine (ON)

Spring 2011

A Perfect Storm in the Oil Patch Takes a Young Life
Worker’s Name: Dustin Cadrain
Fatality: a worker crushed between a boom and a pipe (AB)

One Step at a Time – The Road to Recovery
Worker’s Name: Kevin Bonnis
Life-altering injury: a scrap paper milling machine cut off 90% of a worker’s feet (ON)

Winter 2010

A Split-Rim Time Explosion Changes One Family Forever
Worker’s Name: Ken Skjonsby
Life-altering injury: a tire explosion severely injures a retired worker (ON)

My Fifth Christmas Without Him
Worker’s Name: Micheal Fisher
Fatality: roofer slips off a ladder (ON)

Fall 2010

Ten Minutes Can Last a Lifetime
Worker’s Name: Fabien Guindon
Fatality: worker dies in a trench collapse (QC)

How Does Your Garden Grow?
Worker’s Name: Eddie Dobroski
Occupational disease: from exposure to chemicals that later resulted in death (ON)

Summer 2010

My Life Before and After My Injury
Worker’s Name: Stephen Forde
Life-altering injury: worker’s spine crushed by a skid of paper weighing 3,200 lbs. (ON)

Remembering My Nephew Luke MacIver
Worker’s Name: Luke MacIver
Fatality: worker buried under load of garbage at a recycling plant (BC)

Spring 2010

Highway Maintenance Worker Struck Down
Worker’s Name: Marlene Rauhut-Lucu
Fatality: a highway maintenance worker was hit by a truck (AB)

Missing My Eric
Worker’s Name: Eric Helgeson
Fatality: a worker is crushed while working in construction (MB)

Winter 2009

The Whistle of the Train Calls All Aboard
Worker’s Name: Brent Wade
Fatality: worker dies on the train tracks (ON)

Another Christmas Without You
Worker’s Name: Jim Scallion
Occupational disease: worker dies of mesothelioma after years of exposure to asbestos working at a dock yard (NS)

Fall 2009

Lewis D’Entremont Lost at Sea
Worker’s Name: Lewis D’Entremont
Fatality: a fisherman is flung overboard while purse seining fishing (NS)

A Fishing Tragedy Claims the Life of Young Burton Reimer
Worker’s Name: Burton Reimer
Fatality: a worker drowned while working on his first day for a local commercial fisherman (MB)

Summer 2009

Losing My Father Meant I Lost a Piece of Myself
Worker’s Name: Robert Nesbitt
Fatality: a miner was crushed by a piece of equipment

The Dad We Knew Changed the Day He Was Injured
Worker’s Name: Fraser Murdoch
Life-altering injury: worker injured when he was pinned by a cement mixer (ON)

Spring 2009

Losing My Brother Changed Me in Ways You Can’t Imagine
Worker’s Name: Micheal Fisher
Fatality: roofer slips and falls sustaining a head injury and subsequent death (ON)

Winter 2008

A Life-altering Injury Changed My Family Forever
Worker’s Name: Larry MacKay
Life-altering injury: a worker receives a bandsaw injury (NS)

Fall 2008 – Special 5 year anniversary edition

One Family’s Tragedy and Journey of Healing
Worker’s Name: Tim Hickman
Fatality: worker was injured while operating an ice-resurfacer for an arena; he later died from his injuries (ON)

Spring 2008

Lending Our Support to Other Families of Workplace Tragedy
Worker’s Name: Karl Stunt
Fatality: a worker dies working as a maintenance worker on a ski resort (AB)

Winter 2007

Keeping My Son’s Memory Alive
Worker’s Name: Greg Wheeler
Fatality:  worker falls when manlift he and a coworker were in topples backwards throwing them only the rocks below (NWT)

Fall 2007

Black Friday
Worker’s Name: Jim Dahmer
Occupational disease: Worker exposed to asbestos living with mesothelioma (ON)

Summer 2007

From Tragedy to Prevention
Worker’s Name: Jim Sandford Jr.
Fatality: an elevator mechanic falls to his death (ON)

Spring 2007

Work Safe: Guard Your Future
Workers’ Names: Frank and Gavin Juhasz
Fatalities: a brother and father were killed during a confined space explosion (ON)

Winter 2006

The Legacy of My Father’s Tragedy
Worker’s Name: Nicholas Tountas
Life-altering injury: a painter falls, sustaining a head injury (ON)

Fall 2006

Working to Prevent Another Tragedy
Worker’s Name: Lewis Wheelan
Life-altering injury: worker suffers severe electrical burns at summer job and dies from injuries two years later (ON)

Summer 2006

Summer Job Was a Death Sentence
Worker’s Name: Bob Auger
Occupational Disease: exposure to asbestos as a teenager leads to death from mesothelioma more than 30 years later (ON)

Spring 2006

Dwight Peel – Forever Loved, Remembered and Cherished
Worker’s Name: Dwight Peel
Fatality: worker dies from a tire explosion  (AB)

Winter 2005

Living With a Life-altering Injury
Worker’s Name: Jim Thompson
Life-altering injury: a hydro worker sustains severe electrical burns from high voltage line (ON)

Fall 2005

The Story of Mark Aposotoliuk
Worker’s Name: Mark Aposotoliuk
Fatality: worker dies while operating a skidder (BC)

Summer 2005

The Story of Kenneth O’Flaherty and Family in Newfoundland
Worker’s Name: Kenneth O’Flaherty
Fatality: worker falls off a ladder while working on a high-rise building (New York, US – NL family)

Spring 2005

Ten Years: One Reason
Worker’s Name: Sean Kells
Fatality: worker dies from an explosion (ON)

Winter 2004

A Visit from My Angel
Worker’s Name: Burton Reimer
Fatality: a worker drowned while working on his first day for a local commercial fisherman (MB)

Fall 2004

Safer Roads for Construction Workers
Worker’s Name: Dick Van Rooyen
Fatality: road construction supervisor dies when struck by driver who fell asleep at the wheel (ON)

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