2013 Marathon in Memory of Gerry

Congratulations to Jennifer and Corey MacDonald, who travelled to Trieste, Italy to participate in the 2013 European Marathon. This date was marked as significant for Jennifer as it marked the 5th Anniversary of Gerry Blackburn and his father’s passing in a fishing tragedy. Their fundraising efforts are sincerely appreciated, as they raised more than $12,000 for Threads of Life in the year before the marathon.

Congratulations to you both – you are an inspiration to many!


Jen’s story

It has now been more than five years since a fishing tragedy in Lower Prospect, Nova Scotia took the lives of Gerry and his dad, Gerald Blackburn. Jennifer Bonin marked the date by running a marathon in Italy in memory of her late boyfriend, Gerry. Here is her story.

May 27, 2008 was a rough day at sea in Lower Prospect. It is a day many will never forget.

That morning seemed normal to me, as I laid in bed still half-asleep while Gerry left for work. He kissed me, but that one wasn’t good enough so he kissed me again and said “I love you, baby” then left for work. That was the last time I saw him.

Early that morning Gerry and his dad, Gerald, were lost at sea. It is said that a rogue wave overtook their boat. Local fisherman and Search and Rescue were out searching for them while ECO Outfitters used their kayaks to get into the coves. It wasn’t until the next day that they found their bodies. Gerry’s Mom lost her youngest son and her husband in one day. I can still remember her scream when a police officer came to tell her that they found “her baby”.

Nothing was the same anymore. Life as I knew it was over and I had to start over.

In the winter of 2011 I became involved with Threads of Life and  met some great people. I attended the Speakers Training Bureau and learned how to share my story to help prevent anything like what happened to us from happening to another family. I’ve learned so much from the people that I have met through Threads of Life. Thank you.

Thank you for supporting our journey!


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