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Threads of Life helps families of workplace tragedy along their journey of healing by providing unique family support programs and services. >> Learn more in our family care brochure (PDF)

Family Support Programs and Services

Threads of Life is supported by a network of volunteers from across the country who have been personally impacted by a workplace tragedy. Working with provincial workers’ compensation boards and governments, Threads of Life assists families by providing:

  • a Family Support Program which offers one-on-one peer support to family members and friends who have suffered from a workplace tragedy by being matched with a Volunteer Family Guide. These volunteers are family members who have experience their own workplace tragedy and want to help other families. They understand well what other families are going through.
  • Regional Family Forums bring families together in a community of support to benefit from coping skills, active listening and healing.
  • links to professional support services.
  • a support network to those who have experienced similar pain and suffering.
  • advisory support regarding the workplace investigation and inquest process.
  • opportunities to promote workplace injury prevention and awareness within their own community by joining the Speakers Bureau or participating in a local Steps for Life Walk event the first Sunday in May.

Families have identified that these services help fill a gap in our country’s health and safety and social systems. Please note that Threads of Life does not provide financial support.

Family Forums
A regional retreat to meet other families and learn healthy coping skills, active listening, and how to help each other in their journey of healing.

Volunteer Family Guides
A program offering one-to-one peer support to families by those who have experienced their own workplace tragedy.

Steps for Life Walk
Families, friends, co-workers, employers, health and safety professionals, ministry of labour inspectors and many others come together on a memorial walk for awareness and fundraising.

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